Realestate.Immobilien is platform which should simplify way we sell properties online. After being many years in the real-estate business we have decided to make something which is made by real-estate agents for real-estate agents and in the same time to show how real-estate agents could make it profitable in very short time. The main tools are made in the way that you have everything in one place, e.g. from one platform you can manage your offers, your buyers and your personal real-estate professional website. General concept is operational in 80 languages so you will not be missing on international buyers which are doing foreign direct investment in your countries as well as the buyers in the local community.

Our data base management system is organized in the way that we are data mining for buyers of properties in every location and we poses databases which we will send to our clients directed to geo location where they are located. (e.g. if your real-estate agency is located in Berlin, Germany, we will send you list of buyers by name and their contact so you can generate leads for sale or rent of your properties.

We know that globally no one is offering this level of service so we are the first one in the market cause we would like to make it simple for our clients.

Make it simple...